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7 Ways Technology has been a Global Superstar in the Post Covid-19 Times

The global pandemic introduced us to a series of new words, hardly ever mentioned earlier.

The glossary includes social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine, lockdown and PPE, just to name a few. At workplaces, one keyword that took the world by storm was touchless technology. Also referred to as touchless communication, interaction technologies and touchless collaboration technology. 

The rise in technology during the pandemic remains unprecedented

Social distancing norms and safety protocols led to a sudden surge in the use of digital technologies in the changing business and economic environment. Clearly enough, there is a significant rise in the number of users embracing technology in the new normal that harnesses the changes that followed the pandemic.

Here is a quick look at 7 ways the rise in technology has gained traction

  1. Opting for tech-enabled workspaces

In the work sphere, an increase in digitalization led to opting for safe, sanitized and tech-enabled shared workspaces for better flexibility and work-life demarcation. With several changes that the global pandemic brought, the workspaces now require to keep pace with technology that enables smoother workflow. 

A tech-enabled workspace meets the key requirements in this completely transformed work landscape. Most offices now actively incorporate concepts like hybrid work culture. 

  1. Adopting smart technology to collaborate and facilitate work

While most workspaces require people to gather and engage in tactile human connection, many adjustments had to be made in this critical scenario. One of the best changes precipitated by the COVID-19 was the adoption of hands-free technology and mobile teamwork solutions, to collaborate and accelerate work deliverables while ensuring everyone’s well-being.

  1. Rooting for touchless interactions at work

Touchless collaborative solutions like wireless presentation systems, cloud conferencing and virtual meetings via Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have facilitated a smooth workflow for remote participants at work. A great enabler and facilitator for people still working from home, and independent workers.

  1. Undisrupted education with online classes

Online education ensured that despite the closing down of schools and colleges due to pandemic implications, education remains undisrupted for students. Also, this helped in keeping the number of outbreaks due to COVID-19 transmissions among students and teachers in check. 

  1. Online entertainment provided the much-needed respite

With lockdown and a constant sense of uncertainty lingering the world over, it was a respite for many to have access to unlimited online entertainment on several OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and many gaming platforms as well. 

As most people grappled with the COVID induced stress, online entertainment rose in popularity with the diverse content it offered, ease of viewing from the comfort of home and a coping tool to decompress.

  1. Taking the online road to fitness and better health

One good that came out of the outbreak across the world, was a surge in health and fitness awareness. People were shaken out of a slumber and the idea of stronger immunity and better health crystallized in the minds of most people. 

This led to an incline towards installing several fitness and health apps, where people could engage in workout sessions online, without stepping out of the safety of their homes and remain well-informed on how to improve health. 

  1. Technology continues to be everyone’s ally in multiple areas

The trend of touchless technology has spread to other everyday areas of online banking, shopping, temperature monitoring at entry points of offices and public areas, as well as contact tracing applications.

People-centric safety approach and technology go hand-in-hand

Despite the crisis COVID-19 brought upon collectively for individuals, businesses and the economy, the speedup in the adoption of technology and openness to different types of digital products, has stood out as a great enabler. 

For most individuals and businesses, it is now the new normal that a digitized climate and advancement of technology will continue to grow in the post-Covid era as well. It is safe to say that the popularity of technology-based solutions will remain strong and continue to gain decent traction. 



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