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What Makes a Multi Vertical Business Successful?

Offering several high-utility services in a multi-vertical business is a winning combination – but creating a successful multi-vertical company and managing the challenges (which includes keeping a diverse crowd happy) is not easy. It’s not for the faint of heart when usually starting and sustaining one business is tough.

Maintaining a consistent brand identity and quality standards remain non-negotiable

Nevertheless, once a company has decided to achieve a level of integration where they incorporate multiple businesses and maintain consistent brand identity across multiple verticals, it’s time to take the action. 

One of the biggest advantages of having a multi-vertical business is getting an edge over businesses with single verticals. It also means attracting bigger and more diverse crowds.

At Innova AM Tech, we decided to speak the language of a serial entrepreneur and told ourselves that it’s not impractical to start and effectively manage multiple businesses. Different markets have different needs. We decided it was time to do the due diligence, fill the gap in the market, stay relevant and organized while providing a wide set of useful services and products. 

Gaining a competitive edge by maintaining customer-centricity

As we stepped up to become a multi-vertical business, our main concern was to keep a constant quality of service across all our services and operations. A slip-up in the quality of product or service was non-negotiable for us, right from the beginning. We put a lot of credence on quality. 

Established in 2008, we have sustained a strong presence for sales and customer support in 4 locations across India. We have a strong legacy of success within IT consulting, and audio-visual devices for many years now. As a multi-vertical business, our driving force was to support other businesses and aspirational goals of SMEs and independent workers.

We have managed to carve a niche for ourselves as the technology, space and workforce solutions partner. Also, we see ourselves as the growth enablers for every aspirant who dares to dream big. Additionally, we believe in providing value, simplicity and convenience in helping businesses become a future-ready, class-leading enterprise.  

Mastering multiple verticals at a time

Here’s how we are helping shape businesses and individuals into a stronger entity:

IT Integration Services – this includes system integration & implementation for all components within IT, devices, AV, UC Collaboration. We facilitate efficiency and optimize business processes and constantly add value through new functionalities.

IT Consulting & Workforce Solutions – helping businesses form a capable workforce that can operate productively in a future-proof work environment. Our specialization is in onsite consulting for roles in the field of software development and support. We strive to maximize the ecosystem of human resources and adaptive talent available to provide a skilled workforce to businesses.

Workspaces– office space solutions streamlined to enhance work-life balance and productivity through technology and design. Empowering individuals and teams with a secure, high-performance workspace for completing tasks without worrying about infrastructure, amenities or enterprise-grade facilities.

We strive to consistently innovate and evolve

We offer excellence in our products & achieve leadership by staying relevant, and realigning to the needs of our customers and the business environment. A recent example that underlines our ability to innovate and evolve is the adoption of touchless collaboration in our everyday operations and workplace, keeping safety protocols in mind. 

Ultimately, we thrive by creating positive experiences for our customers 

An essential part of our success story as a multi-vertical business has been our customer-centric approach. We believe in doing a business that focuses on providing value-driven, delightful customer experiences.

Several satisfied, repeat and referral customers will vouch for that. 

And, we are humbled by this acknowledgement from each of our valued customers. As a tech-enabled, multi-vertical company, our brand believes in forging solid partnerships that thrive on trust, value, relevance and uncompromised service.



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